EXtreme Protection System, the technology for building of the living body, evolves. Fruit of continuous ROLLER TEAM research EVO TECNOLOGY is born, the new technology that applied to walls, roof and floor, guarantees the highest protection for your motorcaravan.


Greater thermal and acoustic insulation.

Greater protection from the elements.

Greater structural resistance.

Complete insulation of areas in contact with the outside. Total protection of the underfloor from all elements.

Utmost resistance to shocks.


Only Roller Team offers a six year guarantee with the Extreme Protection System!

ExPS : roof

Anti hail roof in fiberglass.

Roof thickness with Styrofoam for a greater insulation and protection.

Extruded plastic inserts in areas in contact with the outside.

Wood free. 

1) Anti hail fiberglass

2) Extruded plastic

3) Styrofoam®  

4) Fiberglass

ExPS : Walls

Walls in fiberglass.

No contact between exterior and interior. High density extruded plastic : it prevents any contact of the inner part of the walls with the water. STYROFOAM™ in all walls : better soundproofing and thermal insulation of the vehicle, it prevents any spreading of leaks to the vehicle interiors. Laminated plastic inside : it prevent any contact of the inner part with weathering.

Wood free. 

1) Anti-hail Fiberglass on exterior walls

2) Styrofoam®  

3) High density extruded plastic

4) Internal laminated plastic with ceiling in pvc

ExPS : Floor

Floor in Styrofoam® with lower and upper fiberglass covering for enhanced protection, thermal insulation and resistance.

Floor thickness 54 mm, utmost resistance to shocks. 

1) Styrofoam®

2) Lower and upper fiberglass covering

3) Internal ceiling in pvc

4) Perimetral protection in extruded plastic